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Upon completion, mail to Clayborn Hall, 401 Tremont Street, Mauston, Wisonsin 53948.  
Please make payment arrangements by  mail or online through
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Personal and Account Information

Student's Full Name (Please Print)____________________________________________

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Please visit and study Costs , which is an inseparable part of this application, before attempting to complete this form. Your payment may accompany this application or be made online.  Take care to check the applicable grade level and each additional service for which you are applying. 

_____ I am electing to mail required tuition, fees, or down payment with this application.  Please take me to the Payment Calculator.  All fees are clearly itemized and there are no hidden costs.

_____ I am electing to pay required tuition, fees, or down payment online by credit card or bank transfer.  Please take me to the Payment Calculator.  Online payments accepted from most nations in any currency. All fees are clearly itemized and there are no hidden costs.

This enrollment is for the following checked school and grade.  Please circle exact grade.  

_____ Clayborn Hall Elementary School............Grades  1, 2,  3,  4,  5

_____Clayborn Hall Middle School..............Grades  6,  7,  8

_____Clayborn Hall High School................Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (Complete Curriculum)

_____ Individual Courses at Clayborn Hall  High School (Please list courses by name)






This enrollment also includes the following additional services:  Please check each service for which you are applying.

_____ Clayborn Hall Online Teacher to assist and to Grade Tests

 _____ The Gifted Child Program:  

_____ Foreign Language: German, French, or Spanish, available only to students in 7th through 12th grade. Please circle language of choice.

Processing of your application will begin within 24 hours of its receipt. You shall be notified by e-mail within seven to nine days upon acceptance. Registration paid by personal check is not complete until the check has cleared.

Please provide the name of the responsible adult to be contacted regarding all home-education  and financial matters:_________________________________________

Signature of responsible adult:____________________________________ 

Responsible Adult's E-mail address (Required):________________________

Thank you.

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