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A National Award-Winning Faculty and Staff
welcomes you to Clayborn Hall, a premier National Scholastics School.
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Jake Wood: Clayborn Hall Technical Services                        Beth Zimmers: Dean of Students
Dr. Peter Moore: Administrative Director and Assistant to the Headmistress
  Anna Downey: Distinguished Faculty Member                        Allen Carter: Chief Accounting Officer
Carrie Taplin: Director of Admissions.

You can reach any Online Teacher at Clayborn Hall by entering their last name as the first part of the e-mail address, like this:  Name@ClaybornHall.com

Phone calls:  
Clayborn Hall is an Internet institution and uses e-mail as its preferred method of communication.  Elimination of a telephone-answering staff has enabled Clayborn Hall to lower tuition and other school fees by a full 18%.  If you believe a telephone conversation is absolutely necessary, please provide the admissions office with an e-mail containing your time zone, telephone number, and a date and time you wish to receive a call.  A school officer will call you at that time.

Phone numbers are readily available upon request to schools, colleges, universities with government-issued URL addresses.

All postal Correspondence to Clayborn Hall should be addressed to our Wisconsin campus:

Clayborn Hall
401 Tremont St,
Mauston, WI 53948

Clayborn Hall will not accept COD nor postage-due mail.  Unsolicited texts and educational materials from authors and publishers will not be returned.

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