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Tuition and Fees

Total tuition must be paid in full in advance unless a payment plan is approved.  Credit will never be unreasonably denied to any applicant.  Credit card payments, bank transfers, and foreign currencies are welcome if payment is made through the Clayborn Hall Online Payment Calculator

If a mission board is to be billed for tuition, we require letters from missionaries stating the name and address of the mission board.

Members of the diplomatic corps can be billed through their embassy upon our receipt of a letter of approval signed by a senior officer.

You may elect the payment plan that best suits your situation and budget.  No inquiry shall be made regarding any applicant's personal credit when requesting a short-term loan.  Fees below relate to one Clayborn Hall academic grade (not a traditional school year), regardless of the calendar time taken to complete that one grade.

Please note: Specific and detailed payment details can be found at the Clayborn Hall Online Payment Calculator

The Small (but very important) Print

All fees stated above are inclusive.  There are no hidden nor surprise fees, no fees to be added at a later date.  The fees stated are for one complete academic year consisting of 28 lessons and 7 examinations.     

There are no shipping and handling fees.
There is no postage to pay.
There are no text books to buy.
There are no telephone charges.
There are no CDs or Audio Tapes to purchase.
You may grade tests or employ Clayborn Hall to grade tests.

Students who do not submit any course work over a period of three calendar months are dropped from the school rolls and awarded grades of W (Withdrawn) in each uncompleted subject.
        Students who have been dropped from the school roles who wish to resume their studies are required to pay a reinstatement fee of $200.00.
    Withdrawal with full refund of total tuition and fees: through six calendar days following official notification of acceptance. 
    Withdrawal with fifty percent refund of total tuition and fees: through twelve calendar days following official notification of acceptance. Note: if a payment plan is used and the amount paid does not constitute fifty percent of the total tuition and fees, the outstanding difference remains due.
    Withdrawal after thirteenth calendar day following official notification of acceptance warrants no refund, regardless of reason or number of lessons received.
    Students enrolled through formal or informal groups, regardless of size or affiliation, are not eligible under any circumstance, individually or as a group, for the return or refund of tuition fees or other school-related fees paid to Clayborn Hall.

    Contracted payments must be made by the last day of each month.
If no payment toward contracted fees is received over any three-month period, the entire balance of the contracted fee becomes immediately due and payable, plus all applicable late-payment fees.
    Failure to make contracted payments on time shall result in suspension of lessons.  Suspension can be lifted only by resuming payments and paying a $20.00 late-payment fee for each delinquent payment.
    Students may not be continued into a new grade until all payments are made on any existing contract.

    Clayborn Hall reserves the right to refund fees paid and dismiss any student without giving cause.

    Admission to Clayborn Hall does not guarantee a student will receive passing grades on examinations. 

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