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Dyslexic, Hyper, and Emotionally Handicapped Students
Clayborn Hall: a school that's part of the solution, not part of the problem

      You may already have learned that Clayborn Hall has more gifted, HD, and dyslexic students than any other similar program in the nation.  And, as you may have also discovered, a student with dyslexia, HD, HDDA, or an emotional disorder, can also be a bright scholar when proper opportunities are presented under appropriate conditions.
     Clayborn Hall has no magic formula for turning a child with a so-called learning disorder  into a great student.  There is no such formula.  What we offer is a program in which most such children excel simply because of opportunity provided and our method of presentation.  Once removed from the swamp of condescending and patronizing teachers serving as overlords of most "special" class room programs, these students begin to regain a worthy sense of self again.  If, simultaneously, they are given the opportunity of learning and proving their abilities in an environment free of derision and impossible assignments, they soon discover they have everything it takes to be equal or superior to any other student anywhere.
      Dyslexic students can use a keyboard without anxiety or fear of reversed characters.  All students can take the time necessary to complete an essay or to answer a question that may require deeper perusal.  They can study their lessons in a quiet and private environment where unique individual effort is required.  They will never be rushed to meet time schedules and never held back from advancing  quickly.  And most importantly, they can turn for help to someone they know and fully trust: you.
      A large public school limited to the honest ability of only one or two worthy teachers able to meet your child's needs cannot get the job done.  And the remaining horde of well-meaning but mediocre and self-aggrandized teachers, we firmly believe, cause these students more scholastic harm than good.
     Please forgive our very candid expression.  These are topics close to the very heart and academic philosophy of Clayborn Hall.  We know too many stories of young people who suffered with Cs and Ds, convinced they were incapable of learning, who came to Clayborn Hall late in their school careers and learned they were actually brilliant.  Not every student with dyslexia, HD, HDDA, or an emotional problem becomes an honor student, far from it.  But most become the best students their true abilities permit.
     Feel welcome to write us concerning you child's special academic needs:
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