Clayborn Hall                                                   

 Grade 10

Each Clayborn Hall grade consists of twenty-eight sets of lessons and seven examinations.  A report card is issued following each test and upon completion of each grade.  Each set of lessons contains the equivalent of five chapters from five separate text books on five different subjects.  At Clayborn Hall, you will have no additional books, CDs, or tapes to purchase.  Permanent grade records are maintained, and grade transcripts are provided.  Clayborn Hall lessons adhere to the Federally Suggested Guidelines for Education.

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Language Arts: English 10-1 and 10-2:  Guided reading of multicultural literature including Julius Caesar. emphasizing characteristics of the short story, play and novel.  Daily spelling, emphasis on building reading and written vocabulary.  Narrative, descriptive and explanatory writing; proofreading, story writing; Review of parts of speech, guidelines for effective reading.
Math:  Geometry 1 and 2: Problem solving in geometry using points, lines, planes and angle, integrated with practical applications. Review of volume, polygons, triangles, circles and quadrilaterals. 
Science:  Biology 1 and 2:  Biology, including ecology, genetics, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates and human biology, personal and social health and hygiene. 
Social Science:  World History 1 and 2: World history includes instruction in the discoveries of prehistoric man and the world of the east. Also incorporated is teaching about civilizations of the Mediterranean world through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and through the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. World history continues through the world wars to  twentieth century conflicts and resolutions as the United States tries to maintain world leadership.
Fine Arts:  Art History 1 and 2:  Presents a variety of art themes and historical periods, from Islamic art to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, from the Baroque to the Impressionists, from early Renaissance artists to the greats of the Renaissance. Other great artists of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century discussed include Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Ingress, Delacroix, Goya, Blake, David, Turner, Constable, Manet, Degas, and Renoir.


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