Clayborn Hall                                                   

 Grade 3

Each Clayborn Hall grade consists of twenty-eight sets of lessons and seven examinations.  A report card is issued following each test and upon completion of each grade.  Each set of lessons contains the equivalent of five chapters from five separate text books on five different subjects.  At Clayborn Hall, you will have no additional books, CDs, or tapes to purchase.  Permanent grade records are maintained, and grade transcripts are provided.  Clayborn Hall lessons adhere to the Federally Suggested Guidelines for Education.

Your child will learn. . .

Language Arts:  Developing and extending basic writing skills; spelling rules, word derivations,  word roots, parts of a sentence and parts of speech.   Reading biographies of famous people, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pollyanna,  sayings and phrases, myths and legends from all lands. 

Math:  Studying math skill review of telling time, numbers and money to 100,000's; focusing on multiplying and dividing numbers from six to nine; including introduction to geometry, algebra and adding and subtracting number in the thousands.   Practicing mental addition, word problems, fractions and estimation.

Science:  Studying  seeds and plants, the balance of nature, pollution, the brain, matter, and earth's rocks;  discussion of  forces, atoms, machines, metals and electricity in the physical sciences; introducing chemistry and astronomy including gravity, the solar system, and the comparison of  earth and the moon.   Reading biographies of scientists:  John Muir, Jane Goodall, Edward Jenner,  and Elijah McCoy,

Social Science:  Reading and using maps, globes and graphs; introducing the history of world civilizations including Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire, Islam,
and American history from American Indian civilizations through early English settlements, from the high civilizations of Africa to slavery, and from the growth of the colonies to The Declaration of Independence. 

Fine Arts:  Beginning study of music with instruments, percussion, tempo and rhythm; developing imagination in basic art techniques and art elements including design, mosaic, murals,  patterns,  lines, colors, quilt making, architecture  and puppetry.  Meeting artists including Grandma Moses, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, Duke Ellington,  Diana Ross, Joan Baez, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

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