Clayborn Hall                                                      

 Grade 4

Each Clayborn Hall grade consists of twenty-eight sets of lessons and seven examinations.  A report card is issued following each test and upon completion of each grade.  Each set of lessons contains the equivalent of five chapters from five separate text books on five different subjects.  At Clayborn Hall, you will have no additional books, CDs, or tapes to purchase.  Permanent grade records are maintained, and grade transcripts are provided.  Clayborn Hall lessons adhere to the Federally Suggested Guidelines for Education.

Your child will learn. . .

Language Arts: Developing basic skills in reading, vocabulary building, recognizing parts of speech, usage of subjects and predicates, and correct grammar; reading classics by Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Washington Irving, Mark Twain as well as legends, speeches, and poetry.

Math:  Studying how to multiply and divide by two-digit numbers, three-digit numbers, practicing mental arithmetic with emphasis on place value, estimations, and checking of work, introducing  basic geometry, working with decimals,  Roman numerals, probability, word problems, and knowing how to convert units of measurement.  Working with fractions and money.                  

Science:  Discussing the history of the earth, rocks, and fossils; sources of energy; weather; electricity and magnets; fossil fuels, hydroelectricity,  electric power from nuclear fission, solar energy, geothermal energy, health; respiratory and circulatory systems and personal hygiene; introduction to noted scientists.

Social Science:   Focusing on world geography, map reading and prominent physical features especially mountains; historical events from Stone Age, through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.  Studying American history from the Revolution to the Civil War.

Fine Arts:  Studying music, including basic keyboard, chords, and chord progressions.  Famous paintings, artists and cartoonists.  Introduction to architecture and cathedrals and masters of art including Brunelleschi,  Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Eyck, Rembrandt, Jacques-Louis David, and cartoonists including Shultz, Davis and Nash.

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