Clayborn Hall                                                      

 Grade 5

Each Clayborn Hall grade consists of twenty-eight sets of lessons and seven examinations.  A report card is issued following each test and upon completion of each grade.  Each set of lessons contains the equivalent of five chapters from five separate text books on five different subjects.  At Clayborn Hall, you will have no additional books, CDs, or tapes to purchase.  Permanent grade records are maintained, and grade transcripts are provided.  Clayborn Hall lessons adhere to the Federally Suggested Guidelines for Education.

Your child will learn. . .

Language Arts:   Guiding comprehension and interpretation in reading fables, myths, non-fiction writing and classics including Tom Sawyer, Julius Caesar,  Don Quixote, and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.  Studying vocabulary, syllables, word division, capitalization, abbreviations, parts of speech, verb tenses,  writing poetry,  and original stories.  

Math:   Reviewing math skills, addition, multiplication, division, mixed numbers, numbers to billions, decimals,  tables and graphing, geometric figures, multiplying and dividing fractions, areas, word problems,  functions, equations, and ratios.

Science:   Studying animal, matter and plant classification; reproduction in plants and animals;  weather and climate patterns; photosynthesis; physics, energy, engines,  electricity,  power, stars; earth's structure. Health and personal hygiene. 
Social Science:  Clarifying map skills, studying early American history, first explorers, colonization, independence,  the Civil War, Reconstruction  and expansion  in the wild west,  immigration,  the early twentieth century of the United States. Introducing European history, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the growth of English power, the Enlightenment, revolutions of France.   Discussing Japan, Russia,

Fine Arts: Exploring music,  harmony, melody, the keyboards, the orchestra and musicians including Mozart, Rossini and Sousa.  Studying the history of painting and biographies of great artists including Ingres, Delacroix, El Greco, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo de Vinci.  Reviewing architecture study of buildings such as The Palace of Versailles, Saint Paulís Cathedral,  Moorish style,, and buildings by Inigo Jones, John Soane, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Walter Gropius.

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