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Clayborn Hall's Online Teachers

Online Teachers are assigned only to Clayborn Hall families selecting
the option to have Clayborn Hall grade their children's tests

  •             Make no mistake about it, you, the at-home teacher,  are the primary teacher of your student.   Clayborn Hall provides the most thorough and systematic home education system available, but it is you who must see to it that the student does the work.  A Clayborn Hall Online Teacher, should you elect to use one, grades your child's tests and takes a personal interest in your child's progress.   There is no obligation for you to employ one.   Online Teachers are strongly recommended for gifted students and for students whose at-home teacher (usually a parent) cannot devote a minimum of two full hours, five days every week, to home education teaching.
                All Clayborn Hall Online Teachers have a minimum of sixteen years classroom experience.  Some are retired working out of their homes.   Others work from Clayborn Hall offices.  All are (or have been prior to retirement) certified in their home states.
                Do not expect an Online Teacher to be a tutor or a constant online companion to your student.   If you elect to have Clayborn Hall grade your child's tests, she or he will be there to assist you or your student whenever assistance is requested, but will not be available to chat, nor to take over or do the duties of the at-home teacher.   An Online Teacher does not replace you, the at-home teacher, but does provide the professional backup that helps give security and assurance to the at-home teacher.   Online Teachers grade tests and record earned grades.  Working mothers and fathers will find that they can take care of lesson reviews each afternoon or evening, and while they're away at work, their student can bring lesson problems to the Online Teacher.

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