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Placement Tests  

If you wish your child tested to determine academic age (as opposed to calendar age), probable IQ, academic giftedness, and appropriate grade placement, we shall be pleased to provide you with an appropriate test including instructions.

You administer the test to your student and mail the results to Clayborn Hall for grading and analysis.  The test can be downloaded without charge.  Upon your e-mailed request, we will provide you with a link to the test web site.  

Student transferring to homeschooling from a recognized public or private school are not required to take a placement test to qualify for admission to Clayborn Hall.  Clayborn Hall does not provide for or require placement tests from any student being enrolled in the first or second grade.

Students who, for the past calendar year, have not attended a public or private school, have been home-schooled, or have not attended any school, are required to take a placement test to determine grade placement within Clayborn Hall.

Students wishing to enter Clayborn Hall's Gifted Child Program must take this test or submit  certified evidence of giftedness.

Your check or money order for $25.00 must accompany the test when mailed for grading and analysis.

Click on image below to send e-mail requesting placement test.
Be sure to let us know your child's age and current grade.

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