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Students with Professions
Consider this option only if your child's career demands
travel or extended stays in locations without access to
the Internet or restricts computer use

  • What is a professional child?

    • The professional child is any fulltime student who participates in professional activities which require absence from home and computer for extended periods of time.  Performers, actors, all professional and some amateur athletes are included in this group.

  •  Exactly which amateur athletes qualify?

    • Bone fide national and world-class athletes who travel great distances to compete. Olympic athletes and nationally rated skaters are two examples.  A young man on a local football team does not qualify.

  • What's the difference between the Clayborn Hall Professional Child Program and the regular Clayborn Hall curriculum?

    • There is no difference in course content.  The big difference is that a professional child may request a school travel packet whenever he or she expects to be away form home and computer for an extended period of time.  The packet is downloaded by the student or parent and contains course work tailored to the schedule and workload of the child.

  • If I enroll my child in the Clayborn Hall Professional Child Program, must I have Clayborn Hall grade tests and have Online Teacher to assist me?

    • No parent or other at-home teacher is ever required to have Clayborn Hall grade tests and use a Clayborn Hall Online Teacher.  That choice is up to you and should be predicated upon these following criteria:

      • Do you have a minimum of one hour daily, five days every week, to assist your child with lessons?  If your answer is no, you most likely will need an Online Teacher to help you and your child.

      • Is your child more comfortable with, and does your child respond better to an authority figure who is not a family member?  If your answer to this is yes, you should think seriously about using an Online Teacher.

      • Do you feel that you may be unable to answer your child's questions in certain academic areas?  We find that most parents, regardless of their educations, are able to find the answers if they truly apply themselves to the task.  However, if you feel you cannot, you surely do require the help of an Online Teacher and have Clayborn Hall grade your child's tests..

  • What is the cost of the Clayborn Hall Professional Child Program?

    • Regardless of the grade, the current cost of  the Clayborn Hall Professional  Child Program is $185.00 per year in addition to the regular tuition fee.

  • How do I enroll my child into the Clayborn Hall Professional Child Program?

    • The process is relatively simple.  Send verification of your child's status as a professional or qualified amateur along with your enrollment.  Check the professional child box on the application and add the required fee to your enrollment payment. 

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