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Summer School
Who needs or wants to take courses through the summer?

  1. Students who want to get a head start on the next school year.
  2. Students who want to graduate as early as possible.
  3. Students who failed a course and need to make it up before they can advance to their next grade.
  4. Students beginning homeschooling who want to start at summer rather than wait until the traditional fall start of school.

What does Clayborn Hall offer that will help these students?

  1. Clayborn Hall is not tied to the calendar nor to the traditional school year.  Any student may begin any individual course or full curriculum program on any day of the year.
  2. Clayborn Hall permits students to complete any course or any complete grade as quickly or as slowly as the student's abilities and personal drive permit.
  3. Clayborn Hall courses are never cut short, made simpler, or graded easier just because it's summer. 

Is it possible to complete Clayborn Hall courses in a single summer?

  1. Average students enrolling in one individual course for a summer should have little trouble completing that course in three months.
  2. Only superior students should attempt more than one course if they expect to complete all by fall.
  3. Students enrolling in any Clayborn Hall full-curriculum program will not be able to complete that full grade during one summer.   

What about credit for courses taken during the summer?

  1. If the student is a year-around home-schooler, earned credits will be entered into Clayborn Hall student records.
  2. If the student intends to use Clayborn Hall credits earned during a summer to a local public school, permission and approval should first be obtained from that school.  No public school is required to accept credits from any other non-public, same-state school unless advanced permission is obtained.

     If you have additional question regarding summer courses at Clayborn Hall, please feel welcome to contact the Director of Admissions at admissions@ClaybornHall.com.


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