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What Parents Say:
The following are authentic e-mails received from parents of Clayborn Hall students. 
To protect their privacy, true names have not been included.  We would be pleased to provide authentication to interested, responsible adults.

Dear Mrs. Taplin:
    Irene is currently a sophomore at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society.  Irene will be transferring to either the University of Arizona or the University of Northern Arizona in the fall of 2007 when she has completed her general education requirements. 
   Irene plans to major in Art History.  She credits her interest in art history to Clayborn Hall's fine arts classes.  She wants to become an art appraiser with an emphasis in Renaissance and Baroque paintings.  She is doing well in all of her classes and in her personal life.  Her educational background  and work ethic seems to impress her professors.  She likes to credit Clayborn Hall for that as well. 
   I would like to thank you, personally, and the Clayborn Hall staff, for each of your parts, in her success.  Clayborn Hall not only gave her an excellent education but the confidence to succeed.

Many thanks,
Irene's mom

Dear Mrs. Zimmers,
     Well Molly is ready for her  test.  She has impressed a lot of her family and friends.  She has indeed learned and is doing better with your school.  She loves her school and says she feels that she is learning more this way than in a regular school.  That tells me that I found the right school for my daughter.  I wish more parents that are having a problem with their children know about home schools. I know that some of Molly's friends dropped out of school to do home school.  Molly told them about her home school. Her friend said sure you are doing home school but for how long?   Molly said she  was going to stay until she gets her diploma. I am very proud of Molly for doing so well. You must be doing something right, and do keep up the great job in teaching my daughter.



Dear Mrs. Taplin,
   That was fast!  The diploma and transcript just came in the mail today.  We're very proud of the diploma and that 3.8 GPA. 
   Thanks so much to you and Clayborn Hall.  Because of your help in this, his 12th grade, Mike's SAT score was 1340 and he is now enrolled at Saint Rosa Jr. College and looking forward to a successful college career.  Considering that he had a .62 GPA in his 10th grade and 1.90 in the 11th, I don't think he could have done it without you. 
   I tell everyone who asks about it that for some young people, being away from the distractions and temptations of the modern school environment enables them to focus better on study and self improvement. 
   Clayborn Hall's online study program removes all the excuses.  Mike only had to be reminded occasionally that it was his commitment and his responsibility to keep it.  Unlike his previous school career, there was nothing in his way that he couldn't control.  Given that he was entirely in charge of his study schedule, (and that I could control his environment to eliminate the competition for his attention), he was able to stay on track and get the job done. 
   I think a lot of kids, like Mike, could perform better in Clayborn Hall' program than they do in the public schools.  I would recommend your program to anyone who is willing to establish a distraction-free environment for learning when their child is not performing as well as they should in the outside school environment. 

     Thanks again,


Hi Beth,
     I am so glad that we are home educating Ellen!  I have showed her lessons to some of my friends and family, and every one of them tells me that the math skills are about right for first grade, but your Language arts, social studies and science are what Texas students do in about 4th grade in our public schools.  Fourth Grade!  Plus, her social studies lessons are more comprehensive, because you include the history of religions in your lessons, which our public schools explicitly avoid.  And the fine arts that she is learning are not taught until about the 6th grade!  The schools here are just terrible, and they pump up a kid's self esteem, because they bring home A's, but they graduate functionally illiterate kids!  I know -- I have had to work with some of their graduates in my practice, and after passing and graduating from high school, they couldn't pass the placement exams in college to get into regular college classes. 
      . . .The schools here just don't prepare kids for college!



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