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Why Clayborn Hall?                                                
The Mission of Clayborn Hall

. . . is to provide structured home-schooling lessons which will  help students to independently mature as scholars and citizens who are willing to raise questions, weigh evidence, substantiate opinions, and communicate ideas clearly and effectively.

With students from across the nation and around the world, Clayborn Hall offers alternative academic programs of excellence meeting the needs of high achievers and students who strive but have been thwarted by ineffective public school programs.  Clayborn Hall takes full advantage of the inexhaustible learning resources available on the Internet.  Experiential education is the emphasis of all Clayborn Hall curricula.

At Clayborn Hall, students are subjected to higher levels of learning.  One result is enhanced self-esteem developed in the safe, healthy, friendly environment of your own home, free from the pressures often associated with good preparatory schools.

Clayborn Hall provides lessons which are clay meant for you to mold to fit your personal educational philosophy and your own moral and ethical convictions.

       Why Clayborn Hall? "
                                             . . .let me count the ways."

At Clayborn Hall, no student who truly wants to succeed can fail.

Clayborn Hall is the oldest established  online home education institution in the world.  You can take advantage of our established record of success.

There are no books to buy.  Clayborn Hall strives to instill a love of books, requires the reading of many books, but does not demand that you buy any.

There is no postage to pay.  We are online and have no boxes of stuff to mail.  Our correspondence is by e-mail.  Even our tests are sent by computer.

There are no audio tapes or CDs to purchase.  No interactive CD can begin to compare with Clayborn Hall's lesson links to the Internet.

There is no phone bill because of Clayborn Hall.  We conduct all business and class work online, and Clayborn Hall's Online Teachers are only an e-mail away.

Clayborn Hall maintains student records and makes grade transcripts available to schools, colleges, and universities.

If selected, Online Teachers assist students and at-home teachers in all aspects of teaching and learning, and grade student tests.

You may grade your child's tests yourself.  Or for a modest fee, you can elect to have a Clayborn Hall Online Teacher grade tests.

Clayborn Hall presents traditional values through contemporary technology.

Clayborn Hall curricula are logically integrated, week by week, year after year.

Today's student is oriented toward learning through visual input.  Clayborn Hall provides it!

Student's who must be coaxed to study are usually eager to explore the Internet.

Clayborn Hall lessons link to the greatest library civilization ever assembled: the World Wide Web.

Using Clayborn Hall lessons trains students to successfully use the computer.

Parents who teach can spend more time on meanings and values because they need spend no time on lesson preparation.

Your student competes only with the person he or she can become, not in a crowded room of thirty students with thirty different sets and levels of abilities.

There is no safer school than your home.

Clayborn Hall Math is thorough and tough, the right kind of stuff, and your child can get it, beat it, and gain pride in doing it.

Clayborn Hall English, Writing, and Literature are demanding courses and strongly emphasized,

Clayborn Hall Sciences are loaded with practical experiments.

Clayborn Hall Social Sciences teach the world that was and the world that is -- without apologies, sermons, or justifications.

Clayborn Hall Fine Arts: our crown jewel!  We could brag all day, but just wait and see (and hear) what your child learns in these course.

The Clayborn Hall Gifted Child Program permits individual pacing to suit your child's abilities and personal drive, not the collective gifts of "the average gifted child."

Student actors, performers, and athletes can put their careers and their schooling together without difficulties.  

No big company, small company, publisher, church, or interest-group has control of any part of Clayborn Hall.

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