Clayborn Hall                                             William says:                             

My name:  William B. Kellerman

What wakes me up:  Mom shouting or Spot licking my face some mornings.

What I hope to be:  Song Writer or Scientist

My idea of a great day:  Finishing online lessons early and then playing tennis.  Good video at night (comedy or adventure story).

Grade:  5th

My best memory:  Last year at Disney World

Favorite sport:  Anything on or in the water.

Favorite place:  Our club's tree house

Favorite movie:  Too many to list.

Favorite CD:  Star Wars sound track

What I like best:  Macaroni and cheese with pepperoni in it, and computer games that aren't stupid.

What I dislike most:  Loud people who make threats.

What makes me proud:  When Dad says he trusts me.

College?  Haven't decided yet, but probably one in this state.

Toughest chore:  Taking the garbage down the steps to the curb.

My school:  Clayborn Hall