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Foreign and Expatriate Students

    On almost any day of the year, there are students enrolled at Clayborn Hall from every continent on the globe except Antarctica.  Almost as often, there are students from large and small islands in four oceans.  Many of these students are the children of American and other English speaking families.  Still others do not speak English and elect to use an Internet translator to convert lessons to their own languages.

    Clayborn Hall sets the standards for an American Education abroad.  All are welcome!

    Clayborn Hall students receive a college preparatory education quite similar to one they would receive if attending a good boarding school in The United States.  The emphasis on history and government is decidedly American.  The spelling and grammar used in lessons are those accepted as correct and proper in The United States.

    Students transferring to Clayborn Hall from a school outside of the US, are strongly advised to submit a completed Clayborn Hall Placement Examination prior to enrollment.

    All students successfully completing the twelfth grade at Clayborn Hall receive a diploma, and their grade records are kept on permanent file at Clayborn Hall.  Upon request, copies of grade transcripts can be sent anywhere in the world.

    If religion is a concern, please be advised that Clayborn Hall lessons are considered friendly in nature to all major religions, as well as to those without a religion.   No emphasis on religion is given, and the differences in the beliefs of many religions are often discussed within lessons.  Clayborn Hall regards the teaching of religious beliefs to be the obligation and responsibility of the home, not the school.  Clayborn Hall students are taught the information most major universities and colleges wish their new students to know.  Knowledge, and only knowledge, defeats misunderstandings between neighbors, communities, and nations.

    Credit card payments to Clayborn Hall can be made from any nation serviced on the Internet by PayPal (www.paypal.com).  Personal and business checks are accepted if made payable in US dollars.  International money orders are also accepted.  International bank transfers can be arranged, but a charge of about $15.00US is usually demanded by participating banks.

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