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Foreign Language Courses

    Clayborn Hall offers four courses of  study in each of three foreign languages:

French (Fr101, Fr201, Fr301, Fr401)

German (Gr101, Gr201, Gr301, Gr401)

Spanish (Sp101, Sp201, Sp301, Sp401)

     Language courses are kept totally separate from all other courses.  Over the years, Clayborn Hall research has shown that every student responds to the learning and absorbing of a foreign language in a different manner and at a different rate.  By keeping language courses separated from all other curricula, students are able to progress through them at a pace separate from their pace through all other courses being taken.

     For example, a student enrolled in a full eighth-grade curriculum may complete all the lessons in a packet within a month's time.  However, he or she may need more or less time to complete a language lesson.  That different pace is anticipated and accommodated.  Also, a student may begin or end a language course at dates different from the dates all other courses are started or ended.   A student may begin a language course two months after beginning other courses, and may complete that language course three months into the next year, of a full month before completing all other lessons.

     Each Clayborn Hall language course consists of ten comprehensive lessons and a final examination.  Every lesson has an audio segment containing exercises and pronunciations.  Audio segments can be downloaded for practice.  Each audio segment is spoken by an instructor whose native language is that foreign language.

     Clayborn Hall foreign language courses are suitable for high school students and bright eighth grade students.  Some advanced and gifted students in the sixth or seventh grade have successfully completed language courses.  A sample of a language course will be provided upon request from the Director of Admission (admissions@ClaybornHall.com).

     Each foreign language course carries three-semester hours of credit.  The basic tuition fee for each language course is $246.00.  If a tuition payment plan is used, this fee is slightly higher.

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