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The Right Choice

Is home-education right for your son or daughter?  Is it right for you?  The decision to home- educate your child can be difficult, and one worthy of serious consideration for a variety of good reasons.

For many bright, motivated young people, home-education offers many opportunities and advantages not to be found elsewhere.

  • When you home-educate, your home is certified as a state school at home, and you  are the at-home teacher in charge of your child's education.  If it's some sort of correspondence school and you aren't in charge, it may be homework, but it isn't home-education.

  • Worthwhile home-education and homeschooling programs are geared toward helping students succeed in college, in their professions, and in their lives.  Courses are adjusted to give students a state-of-the-art, razor-sharp, academic edge, and give parents the freedom to emphasize or relax subject emphasis. 

  • The home-education environment provides students with opportunities to mature and grow into confident, responsible young adults -- without the fear, anxiety, exceptional danger, and the social categorizing and rejection so common in most public and private boarding schools.

  • Home-educated students have the opportunity to focus their energy on the things that are important: academics,  properly selected and supervised social activities, and extracurricular activities other than school sports teaching everything except sportsmanship.

  • Home-educating provides a safe, structured environment where students have family supervision and guidance.  A caring adult is always available to give a student close, individual attention.  Your student knows that he or she can take their concern to someone they can trust and who will listen, and is always in a position to help or to find help: You!

  • In you, your home-educated student has the most appropriate school administrator in existence.  At Clayborn Hall, you will have a highly qualified and dedicated staff upholding a trusted school philosophy, and assisting you whenever you ask.

  • As always, be alert and beware.  Correspondence school graduates are not true home-educated graduates and do not come close to the ACT and SAT scores of home-educators.  When you search for home education or Homeschooling on your web server, most of the links provided will be to big-time correspondence schools trying to pass themselves off as home-education or homeschooling to unaware families.  When searching, keep this fact in mind: It's only home-education when your home is in control.

Make as wise and informed a choice as you can. 

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